We provide customised lease management solutions to our clients with a primary aim to improve owner returns and also help them achieve a year on year growth. With our commitment, apartment owners have gained confidence in our services & management.

Our lease management services include:

  • Property Rent Appraisal for current market conditions
  • Advertising and photography of your property on websites, and access to a database of potential tenants.
  • Our property managers will accompany prospective tenants through the property by appointment only
  • Screening of all tenant applications, including reference checks
  • Preparation of Tenancy Agreement within 2 working days of tenancy approval and lodging bonds with Department of Building and Housing
  • Access to qualified tradespeople at competitive rates
  • Collection of rent and providing Landlord Statements on a monthly basis
  • Managing rent payments and monitoring rent arrears
  • Notices issued when Tenancy Agreement is breached
  • Mediation and Court representation if required
  • Liaising with tenants on a regular basis on any issues relating to the property
  • Vacating Inspection report on your property to ensure property is maintained to the same standard as per the Initial Property Inspection Report and disbursement of bond funds
  • Processing and payment of all accounts relating to the property as per previously agreed
  • End of Year Financial Statements provided to and accurate breakdown of rental monies and accounts received
  • Placement of funds to the owner by direct credit or cheque on a monthly basis
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week service